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Cable pipe production equipment
QFW-300 Whole set of equipment for cable casing p

QFW-300  Whole set of equipment for cable casing pipe
1、Main parameter:
     1.1  Total installed capaccity:6KW-16KW
      1.2  Length of pipe:1m-6.2m
     1.3  Diameter of the pipe :Φ30-Φ300mm
     1.4  Max width of roving sheet:150mm
     1.5  Max rotating speed of mandrel:130rpm
     1.6  Max speed of trolley:55m/min
     1.7  Max diameter can be demolded:300mm
     1.8  lndoor occupied area:≤180m2
2、Main components and production sequence:
     2.1    Film windind machine
     2.2   Computer control winding & sand adding machine
     2.3   Curing station
     2.4  Demoldind machine
     2.5  Trimming machine