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Cable pipe production equipment
QFW-300Computer control casing pipe winding & sand

QFW-300Computer control casing pipe winding & sand adding machine
1、Main  characteristics:
      1.1Convenient operation,steady property, stable running,one time sand adding capacitr is 3-10mm,the rotating speed of the mandrel can be made proper adjustment during the sad adding, meantime the sand added thickness remains unchanged.
      1.2Match with squeeze device,make the scientific squeeze to the sand later,can improve the density,stiffness,decrease cost and raise the productivity
2、Main parameter:
     2.1  lnstalled capacity:≤7KW
     2.2  Length of the pipe:1000mm-6200mm
     2.3  Diameter of the pipe :Φ30-Φ300mm
     2.4  Max width of roving sheet:150mm
     2.5  Max rotating speed of mandrel:130rpm
     2.6 Maxi speed of trolley:55m/min
3、Main components:
     3.1   Front support and rear support of mandrel and main shaft trans--mission system 
     3.2   Winding trolley running platform, rail and transmission system
     3.3    winding & sand adding trolley operational panel and resin immersion system
     3.4    Sand layer squeeze device
     3.5     Roving framework and tension system
     3.6    Computer control system