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Computer control site horizontal winding machine
Tank twining Φ6 meters

 Computer control site horizontal winding machine
   The advantage is less investment and fast return,simple operation and the tank production technology is easier to master
1、Main parameter:
      1.1  Total installed capacity:11-25KW
      1.2  Max diameter of the product:Φ15m
      1.3  Max length of the product:15m
      1.4  Max feeding speed of roving:120m/min
      1.5  Max width of roving sheet :150mm
2、 Main components:
       2.1  Hedstock support and main shaft transmission system
       2.2 Tailstock support
       2.3   Front and rear rotating structure of the product supports and mold support structure
       2.4   Winding trolley running rail ang transmission system
       2.5   Winding trolley and resin immersion combing system
       2.6   Roving framework and tension system
       2.7   Mold support beam
       2.8 Computer control system