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Pipe pressure testing machine
Pipeline try to press

Pipe pressure testing machine
  This machine can make hydrostatic test against the different pipes
  The testing machine has different sizes and types,and can provide the tailored service.
1、 Main parameter:
        1.1  lnstalled capacity:6KW-16KW
        1.2  Scope of pressure rating:0.6-3.0Mpa
        1.3  Occupied area:10m2-50m2
2、Main components:
      2.1  Fixation support
      2.2  Removable back plate support
      2.3  Hydraulic pump station & hydrocylinder or reducer with screw rod chainwheel
      2.4  Bearable pulling beam
      2.5  Pipe Support
      2.6  Water feeding pum
      2.7  Pressure testing machine
      2.8  Valve
      2.9  Electrical appliance control system