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Pipeline system lining machine
Pipeline system lining machine

RPM pipe liner making machine
      RPM pipe liner making machine is used for the preparation of the liner,it matches with film tensioner and cellular cloth tensioner,and it can make them be wound on the mandrel evenly, The advantages of the machine is high productivity;make the liner less air bubbles,high density and leakless.
1、Main parameter
      1.1   lnstalled capaccity:4.5KW
      1.2   diameter of the applied pipe:Φ250-Φ3200mm
      1.3   length of the applied pipe:0.5m-12.5m
2、 Main components :
      2.1   Feont support, rear support for mandrel and main shaft transmission system
      2.2   Liner making trolley running platform rail and transmission system
      2.3   Liner making trolley
      2.4   Tension clamp of film and cellular cloth
      2.5   Liner making resin showering system
      2.6   Electrical appliance control system
      2.7   Resin mix tank and automatic feeding system(Option)