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Stripping machine
Large stripping machine corner

 Large size RPM pipe demolding machine
    TM250-3200 type serial demolding machine
    Reasonable structure, large dragging force,stable running and convenient operation.
1、 Main parameter:
        1.1  lnstalled capacity:18KW-21KW
        1.2  Applied diameter:Φ250mm-Φ3200mm
        1.3  Hydrocylinder pushing force:80T
        1.4  The dragging force:5T
        1.5  The occupied area:≤260m2
2、Main components:
        2.1  Gantry and its hydraulic system
        2.2  Pipe support trolley and its hy--draulic system
        2.3  Mandrel support trolley and its hydraulic system
        2.4  Fast speed drawing die tractor
        2.5 Tractor power system
        2.6 Rail
        2.7 Electrical appliance control system