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RPM pipe production equipment
Large size RPM pipe production line

Large size RPM pipe production line
    In accordance with the production sequence, the line is composed of the following five parts such as liner making machine ,winding/sand adding machine, curing stations,trimming machine,demolding machine.lt is favored by the manufacturer as its reasonabie arrangement,convenient operation, high automation and high production efficiency
1、Main parameter:
     1.1   Total installed capacity:40-90KW
     1.2   The applied diameter:Φ250-Φ3200mm
     1.3   The applied length:0.5m-12.5m
     1.4   Max feeding speed of roving:140m/min
     1.5   Max width of roving sheet:200mm
     1.6   Max diameter can be demolded:3200mm
     1.7   Productivity:1根/小时1Piece/h(Φ1.0m)
     1.8   lndoor occupied area:≤1230m2
2、 Main components :
       2.1  Liner making machine
       2.2  Computer winding/sand adding machine
       2.3   Curing station
       2.4  Trimming machine
       2.5  Demolding machine
3、 Flow chart:
         Liner making→Curing→Winding/sand adding→Curing→Trimming→Demolding→lnspection/Pressure test.