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Pipe winding machine
FW-300 Oil pipe winding machine

     This type is suitable for the products in batch;it has the advantages such as simple structure,convenient operation, low failure rate and easy maintenance.
1、Main parameter:
      1.1  lnstalled capaccity:3KW-4KW
      1.2  The applied diameter:Φ300mm
      1.3  The applied  length:12500mm
      1.4  Max feeding speed of roving:150m/min
      1.5  Max width of roving sheet:150mm
2、Main components:
      2.1  Headstock support and main shaft transmission system
      2.2  Tailstock support 
      2.3  Change gears
      2.4  Trolley rail and its transmission system
      2.5   winding trolley and resin immersion & roving combing system
      2.6  Roving framework and tension system
      2.7  Electrical appliance control system